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LINIT Channel Glass By Lamberts

Bendheim Wall Systems offers Lamberts channel glass in a Pantone-like palette of enamel colors. Enameled channel glass expands the design possibilities for architects and designers, allowing the creation of maintenance-free color filled facades.

Bendheim Wall Systems, Inc. - North America's experienced leader in channel glass wall systems - the exclusive distributor of LINIT channel glass by Lamberts.

Lamberts LINIT channel glass - reaching heights of 23 feet, tempered or annealed. Select from six surface textures in regular or low iron glass, sandblasted, solar coated, or hundreds of enameled colors. The choices are almost unlimited.

Established in 1887, Glasfabrik Lamberts is the largest privately held cast glass factory in Europe. Protection of the environment is a top priority for the company. Lamberts built the world's first oxygen-fired melting furnace. Their total commitment to the environment includes maximum recycled glass content and custom waste-gas filtering systems. It continues throughout their operations, down to the grass-eating carp in the self-sustaining cooling ponds.

Bendheim's engineering and installation experience will be the foundation for your project design from concept to completion. Bendheim engineered framing systems provide the right system for the right function, not a "one style fits all" approach. Fully tested and certified, our systems meet or exceed US building requirements.

The Bendheim/Lamberts team brings you unparalleled experience in channel glass wall systems.


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