what is channel glass?


A translucent U-shaped cast glass produced in several widths ranging from 9" - 19" and lengths to 23 feet. The basic ingredients of LINIT channel glass are - sand, lime, soda, and carefully recycled glass. The mix is combined in a highly sophisticated oxygen-fired melting furnace to emerge as a ribbon of high quality molten glass. It is then drawn over a series of steel rollers to form a continuous glass channel of specific dimensions and surface finish. The endless ribbon of channel glass is carefully cooled and cut prior to custom processing and packaging for dispatch.

Europe's first oxygen-fired glass melting furnace guarantees Lamberts' glass is the world's most environmentally-friendly cast glass today. The glass mass - still in its molten form after leaving the furnace, is rolled into a U-shape before it is cooled and hardened.

Lamberts LINIT Channel Glass Wall Systems have been installed throughout Europe for decades. Today Bendheim Wall Systems provides LINIT channel glass systems in North America as a unique alternative to conventional interior, exterior, vertical, and horizontal glass wall systems. The channel glass system provides a depth and profile not found in conventional glass wall applications.


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