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Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - Bloch Building

Date: 2006
Location: Kansas City, MO
Description: Custom 16" wide channels, Okapane thermal insulation material, lengths up to 22'. Photo 1 & 2 Acknowledgment Roland Halbe. Featured Articles can be found in the Brochures & Press section, see menu at left.
Glass Type: Solar, Low Iron, Sandblast, Tempered
Frame System: Custom V60
  • 2008 AIA National Honor Award
  • 2011 - AIA Architecture Firm Award winner – BNIM
  • 2008 AIA New York Chapter Honor Award
  • 2007 Design Excellence Honor Award, AIA Kansas City
  • 2007 Excellence in Architecture Award, AIA Central States Re
  • 2009 WAN Awards – Shortlist, Civic Buildings
  • 2008 World Architecture Festival - Shortlist, Culture
  • August 2010 Vanity Fair, Architecture’s 21 Modern Marvels
  • 2007 Time Magazine #1 Best (New and Upcoming) Architectural Marvel
Architect: Steven Holl Architects, New York, NY and BNIM Architects, Kansas City, MO
Glazier: Carter Glass Company