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Bendheim Wall Systems offers a variety of exterior open wept frame systems engineered to support different applications, including: curtain walls, store fronts, and rain screens.

Vertical systems are all site built; horizontal systems may be pre-assembled as unitized construction by the glazier. All systems are designed to meet the demands of the application and are fully tested, meeting or exceeding strict U.S. building requirements.

All frames are available in Class 1 Clear Anodized and in 2-coat Arcadia Silver Kynar™ finishes. Custom finishes can be special ordered and all vertical systems may be custom curved.


Nelson-Atkins Museum

Vertical channel glass systems allow for virtually unlimited glass facades without interim frame support. Whether 10' wide or over 500' wide, the channels provide uninterrupted spans of pure glass with the ability to turn corners and accommodate serpentine design. They may be stacked to create soaring heights.

Store Front

Irwin Union Bank

The SF60 Store Front System incorporates a thermally broken one-piece head and two-piece sill/sub-sill design thereby providing a crisp, uniform perimeter appearance. It is designed to accommodate either a vertical or horizontal double glazed application of the channel glass. The SF60 System is perfect for fixed openings or stacked walls.

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Curtain Wall

Lycée Français de New York

The V60 Curtain Wall System (Patented) incorporates a thermally broken head/receptor and sill/sub-sill system allowing greater interstory movement. It is designed to stack and link, permitting full façade application. The design includes transition flashing plates to smartly bridge the sill above to the head below.

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SF60S Single Glazed Store Front

The SF60S Single Glazed Store Front is designed for single glazed walls and accommodates both open and sealed joints. This non-thermally broken frame system may be used for occupied areas in moderate climates where thermal performance is not required. Employing a head and sill/sub-sill design, it accommodates building movement and carries the same design lines as the SF60 Store Front System allowing it to be used in transition from single to double glazed applications in the same plane without any change in frame appearance.

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Rain Screen

Institute of Contemporary Art

The RS60 Rain Screen System is designed for single glazed assemblies accommodating open or sealed joint rain screen applications. It can be installed with a structural wall behind it (see ICA Boston, Swiss Embassy), with no structure behind it as in parking garage applications (see Espirito Santos), or as part of a trombe wall design. As a single glazed wall system it is not subject to the extensive performance wall tests common to double glazed systems.

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Optima Horizon


Horizontal channel glass systems offer several benefits to building budgets. Although limited to fixed openings of less than 23' in width, they can greatly reduce the cost of a project. Some systems can be pre-assembled thereby shortening project construction schedules.

In safety glass conditions, vertical applications require 100% safety glass. Horizontal applications may only require the bottom channels to be safety glass with all remaining upper channels to be conventional annealed glass. Horizontal systems may provide significant savings in labor and materials.

H60 Horizontal System

Atelier 505

The H60 Horizontal System is the only true unitized system for channel glass. Designed to be pre-assembled by a glazier in his shop, it allows for assembly under controlled conditions without the distractions of other trades. Unitized construction offers the benefit of improved quality control and may shorten the building construction schedule. The H60 may also be vertically and horizontally linked to create a curtain wall. (see Schermerhorn Common Ground)

The assembled units are transported to the site and hoisted into place (see side photo of Atelier 505)

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HMB - Horizontal Mounting Brackets

Optima Horizon

The HMB System is designed for single glazed rain screen applications. The mounting brackets connect directly to the structural steel to hold the channels in place without any perimeter picture-frame appearance. The brackets can support both flange-in and flange-out applications.

Store Front

The SF60 Store Front System also may be assembled with the channel glass oriented horizontally. See SF60 above.

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